Crossing borders with HCIxB

Christopher Rose CC BY-NC 2.0
Christopher Rose Creative Commons License

In May 2017, the Hilali Network kicked off with a workshop paper presented by Dr Shaimaa Lazem (Project lead in Egypt) on how the project seeks to transverse conceptual and geographic borders using HCI as a tool for promoting and protecting Intangible Cultural Heritage. The paper was part of the HCI across borders – a Development Consortium which involves  70+ researchers from more than 20 countries. The goal of the Consortium is “to build community and invite collaborations across borders on themes of interest to the participants – those actively involved in international HCI projects, with most of them conducting research in understudied areas and with underrepresented individuals and communities across the world” (HCIxB). Check out our paper here which includes an invitation to  researchers from HCI as well as sociologists, historians, linguists, storytellers, anthropologists, among others, to join our transnational network.


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