Dr Danilo Giglitto joins The Hilali Network

Dr Danilo Giglitto, fresh PhD in Sociology from the University of Aberdeen, has joined The Hilali Network yesterday to work as a Research Associate on the project.

During his doctoral research, Dr Giglitto has extensively studied community-led ICH digital projects. His thesis tried to show how the creation of community digital archives allowing an ‘anyone can edit’ approach on wiki software represents an affordable and sustainable interactive digital presence for historical communities as well as an empowering tool for local communities. As a result of this experience, he has gained a great understanding of themes such as intangible cultural heritage, digital heritage, crowdsourcing, community engagement and empowerment.

Dr Giglitto will liaise with Dr Preston and Dr Lazem with the design, implementation and evaluation of the use of collaborative digital media technology for the preservation of intangible cultural heritage in Egypt.