The Hilali Summer School on Technology Design for Intangible Culture Heritage Documentation

The summer school on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a condensed two-weeks activity that provides a lightweight HCI research experience to senior undergraduates. The school is a part of the Newton Institutional Link (The Hilali Network) between Kingston University London, UK and The City for Scientific Research and Technological Applications, Egypt.


Through lectures and selected readings given by instructors from both institutes, the students will be introduced to the concepts of documenting intangible culture heritage and human-centered approach in technology design. They shall practice field research, application design, and prototyping to adapt a UK designed mobile application (Bootlegger) for documenting intangible culture heritage in Borg EL-Arab area.


Important dates

Application deadline               July 14, 2017

Notification of acceptance     July 28, 2017

Summer School                   August 21, 2017 – August 30, 2017



Informatics Research Institute (IRI), City for Scientific Research and Technological Applications, New Borg El-Arab (transportation will be provided).


Who Should Apply?

  • The School will accept up to 20 students
  • Undergraduate students from CSE, EE, and CCP departments (previous experience in mobile application and web development is desirable)


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