Two Weeks in Pyramid: Student Views on the Hilali Summer School

Hilali Summer School -Class of 2017

Greetings everyone! It’s high time for an update! In August-September 2017, the Hilali Network’s activities kicked off in earnest, we held a two week summer school which focused on student and community-led co-design of technologies for the documentation of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The summer school was hosted by City for Scientific Research and Technology Applications, Egypt (SRTA-City) and jointly delivered by Shaimaa Lazem from SRTA-City, Danilo Giglitto from Kingston University (UK) as well as a team of junior researchers. The design of the school was informed by a number of innovative curriculum design approaches including a Living Curriculum approach and the Higher Education Academy’s Flexible Learning Framework. However, what was central to the summer school overall was the localisation of these approaches to the Egyptian context, and even more than this, the students themselves.


So, in keeping with the philosophy of the network, we leave this month’s update and a first review of the summer school design to our talented student members who kept a blog during the activities: Two Weeks in a Pyramid 


Next on the horizon is a unique event hosted in Alexandria, Egypt in November 2017 which will bring together stakeholders from across Egypt and the UK. The hot topic on the agenda will be the sustainability of teaching and research models to the design of technologies for documenting intangible cultural heritage. The event will see Hilali Network partners Professor Peter Stone from Newcastle University and Dr Sam Elkington from the Higher Education Academy share sights on the present and future of cultural heritage and higher education – in a  cultural heritage and higher education twist!


For everything else Hilali, more posts, photos and interactions can be found on Twitter and now on our student-led Facebook